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Hello, folks! I’m Laura, the writer-in-chief (and a chorus member) of “Grind.”  To be honest, though, that’s not what I do. No one title would fit anyone involved in this show. When we tell people about us, we say that Alex is the director, David is the musical director and composer, and I’m the lead writer, because it takes too much time (and effort) to make up new descriptions. How awkward is it to say I’m a writer-melodist-music-tweaker-actor-improviser-editor-designer? How unspecific and unclear is it for me to say I’m a co-collaborator?

We’re okay with the ambiguity and the surrendering of ego that’s necessary to this kind of process. We’ve stolen techniques from television writing, sketch comedy, and devised theatre. If collaborative writing and development works for 30 Rock, why shouldn’t it work for a musical? We’ve found that amazing things, ideas and execution that never would have occurred to any individual among us, come from this process. We harness the talents and experiences of everyone until we create a composite super-writer. Basically, we’re the Power Rangers of musical theatre.

Something else? We love letting other people in on what we’re doing. So I’ll be updating with comments on how the process is going, rejected song verses, alternate scenes and comics, and pretty much anything else I think might be interesting for you to read. Hope you enjoy it all as much as I do.

Right now we’ve got most of the first working draft of the script (I can’t even tell you how many drafts went into this “first” draft) and we’ll be editing it and tweaking what works and what doesn’t for…the rest of the summer. We’re expecting to have a final draft around September 5th, after our last show. Until then, we’ll keep playing!

See y’all around–I’m going to go order some coffee and get to work.

Time to Find Your Pick-Me-Up with “Grind: The Musical!”

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Welcome to our blog where the actors, singers, dancers, musicians and technicians traveling the  Midwest Fringe Festival Circuit with “Grind: The Musical” will keep you updated!
Alex Higgin-Houser, Laura Stratford, David Kornfeld and Jenny Fink are the founders of Theatre Undeclared and the brains behind the writing and composing of this original musical.  As a  brand new company composed entirely of Carleton College and St. Olaf students and alums we are so grateful for this amazing opportunity and beyond excited to show all of you what we’ve got.

Our tour dates will be…..

Kansas City, MO  at Pearl’s Living Room Theatre, July 25-August 1

Minneapolis, MN at University of Minnesota’s Rarig Xpiramental Theatre, August 5-15

Indianapolis, IN at Theater on the Square, August 19-29

Chicago, IL at The Dream Theater, September 1-5

Please check back for more updates, photos, videos and tunes to come!

If you have any questions or would like to view our press release please don’t hesitate to contact me (Jenny!) our company manager at

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