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// September 2nd, 2010 // Blog, Media

I knew we chose Chicago for a reason. Here’s what TimeOut Chicago has to say about the show:

Grind: The Musical
It’s hard not to greet the melodramatic plot of this musical from a group of Carleton College students with an eye roll. A neighborhood coffee house being shut down by demolition! So forget about the plot. Because the youthful enthusiasm and humor that comprises the rest of the production has charm to spare. Each member of the cast of eclectic coffee-shop “regulars” is constructed with zeitgesty eccentricities, from the girl who always shows up with her laptop and sings, “I’m not a creeper; I’m just writing a web comic starring you,” to the Minnesotan who does a spoken-word poem to Culver’s Frozen Custard.—Julia Kramer

Read more: http://www3.timeoutny.com/chicago/blog/out-and-about/2010/09/chicago-fringe-festival-2010-review-roundup-part-one/#ixzz0yQ1pf3k1

We couldn’t have put what we’re trying to do better ourselves. Thanks so much for coming, Julia!

Our second show went well, although we’re still adjusting to the addition of new puppets and to the new space. Shout-out to Daisuke’s family who smiled at us the whole time! Tonight we rehearse in Cari’s and my apartment, then hit the Chicago Jazz Festival. Look out for us around noon tomorrow in Millenium Park, and then hit up our show at 5:30PM!


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