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// September 2nd, 2010 // Blog

Well, we’ve officially done it: we’ve performed in four Midwestern cities with this crazy musical of ours.

We had a nice little audience for our opening, with a fair number of people coming in a couple of minutes late (best moment: Max singing, “You don’t know the weight of human crises,” charging downstage center, while a latecomer comes up the center aisle and cowers). During our pre-show we noticed an artist from another show who came in, handed out his show’s flyers to everyone in our audience, and promptly left. Dear man: We appreciate your enthusiasm, but next time wait til they’re leaving, ok?

No one fell into “Hell” as we loaded out. We’re 1 for 1 so far. Fingers crossed.

After the show, we headed over to Fringe Central, but unfortunately the party had moved from the garden to the bar across the way and our Under-21s couldn’t come in. The old’uns stopped inside for a drink and a schmooze, and talked to Shanna Shrum from “Skinny-Dipping,” Les from “Christmas in Bakersfield,” Joe from “Kraigslist,” and Pat Tierney. We shared postcarding strategies and lamented that the Midwest Circuit folks had to miss the preview performance. We also listened to a band that was really cool, pretty strange, and difficult to describe. There were ukeleles, three women singing harmony, and maybe an accordion? I have no idea how to categorize what they were doing, but it sounded great.

Today’s plan was street performance, but it’s raining, so we’re going to catch some ends of shows after ours tonight. We perform at 4PM! You didn’t want to work on a Thursday anyway.

And finally, we have an event on Yelp for all of those non-Facebookers (or at least those of you who aren’t my Facebook friends): Grind on Yelp

See you at the show!


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