Opening To Close Again

// August 8th, 2010 // Blog, News

ANOTHER Opening Day! Exhausting, isn’t it?

First of all, this entry will be bookended with love for Rob Callahan, whom I disappointed by telling him phil was our favorite. Turns out we’d completely missed Rob being a mensch on his blog:

Rob Callahan Says You Should See “Grind”

Back to him in a sec.

We had a number of “crises” this morning–Alex’s alarm not going off, running out of nine-volts, not being able to find a CVS, losing our shadow screen, realizing five minutes into our load-in time that it was time to load in–but somehow we managed to get everything and everyone into its/his/her proper place.

Turns out we sold every seat but three or four (really five because we stole a couple of chairs for David and the projector. Don’t tell our technician). And for having had a week of off-time and this being the first real performance in a new venue, it went wonderfully well. Sure, there was a stumble or two, and a little bit of microphone trouble, but we felt great about the show and the audience was more responsive than we expected. Apparently they had as much fun watching us load out as they did in the show (imagine lots of young people shouting, “The table! Got the streetlamp?”), which leads me to announce our next Fringe show, “Set Up And Strike: The Musical.”

Seriously, though, people have been great, and we already have one review on (check it out here). Five kitties! I’m just relieved there’s no actual auctioning of cats going on. Okay, okay, I’ll post the text here:

Grind is A. Must. See.
by Mary Ellen Shaw Follow this reviewer

Rating 5 kitties
The musicality, taut staging, exuberance, and professionalism of this young group of actor/musicians made for a stand out performance. The story, too, was engaging and genuinely moving. (In the dark, no-one can tell if you get a bit teary-eyed.) Minneapolis! (And the music sticks in your head.) DON’T miss it.

We went to lunch with Jenny’s mom, then ran back for Rob Callahan’s “Idiosynchronicity” at the Rarig Arena Stage (tickets here). Told you I’d come back to him. Rob managed a feat that I think few performers can handle–rocking an audience in the round with a one-man show. We’d already seen (and loved) his poem about a “nerdy Aphrodite” whose looks deceive, but a) We laughed just as hard the third time and b) We enjoyed the rest of the show just as much, if not more. Rob went from obviously fictional short stories to probably-autobiographical poems and then into vignettes that were harder to suss out (grounded in reality? Who knows?) with ease, only pausing to swig iced coffee and let us listen to Jonah the Destroyer (he of the epic mustache/sideburns) play the ukelele or bass or saw. I was expecting to laugh and recognize far too many sci-fi/fantasy jokes; I wasn’t quite prepared to be moved by descriptions of beauty and suffering, but there you go. Fringe: exploding expectations.¬†Anyway, go see “Idiosynchronicity.” Before I misspell it horribly.

We hung out with Rob and other Fringers at Bedlam for awhile in the early evening, telling stories and debating the meaning of the word “nebbish.” And now we sit in Max’s mansion, having done our best to drown each other in his pool and hot tub and having gorged ourselves on food from The Keys, his mom’s restaurant.

Sometimes a cast member will wonder aloud, “How is this my life?” I wonder that too.

Come hang out with us.


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