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// July 22nd, 2010 // Blog

Shout-out to everyone we (briefly) hung out with at the Fringe Speakeasy at Bedlam today! Especially Andrew Watkins, who’s younger than we are–I know, right?–and still rocking his Beckettian show, “Digging a Hole” (tickets here). ¬†We had postcards! Finally! But Jenny and I didn’t get the beer and cookies that everyone else had, because we could only be there for half an hour. And we still ended up an hour late to rehearsal. Seriously, people on 35W should be more considerate of my time.

What makes us ridiculously excited: There are Fringe artist parties every night of the MN Fringe. Every. Night. Karaoke! Dance parties! Something for which we have to wear powder blue! I’m ready to rock.

Just ran through with microphones for the first time. Not sayin’ there weren’t some problems, but we’re really looking like a show.

Oh, and last night Alex, David and I went to Uptown to interview with Joshua Humphrey with his Twin Cities Theater podcast. We had a great time chatting with Joshua in his really sweet apartment, and today we recorded some of our songs to frame the podcast. It should be live in a couple of days, so of course I’ll foist that upon you.

Tomorrow is adventures in spatial reasoning. We’re going to see if we can fit our whole set into the back of my minivan. Please pray for us…



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