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// July 20th, 2010 // Bios, Blog

Cast biographies, as written in the middle of the night by Laura:

Maia Rodriguez, aka “Carolyn (Coco) Graham”:

As she is one of the most laid-back people I know, we naturally cast Maia as our most uptight character. Of course she rocks it–this girl rocks life. Maia is a blonde Mariah Carey, complete with whistle tones. Don’t believe me? Listen to her song, “I Can Fix This,” which she helped conceive only days ago.

Siri Hammond, aka “Libby Wolff”:

Look up “adorable” in the Illustrated OED and you’ll find a picture of Siri (okay, not true…I’m not sure there is an Illustrated OED). She likes to dance around our kitchen and plays guitar far better than she will ever admit to you. And we promise, she’s not a stalker.

David Kornfeld, aka “Dylan Graham,” writer, composer, and musical director:

Look at this guy. Is he not an obvious rock star? Our personal musical savant, David can mentally transpose music, make up complicated orchestrations on the spot, and play keyboard, guitar, key-tar, djembe, mandolin, and probably more. Yet he is one of the sweetest, most genuine people I know. Just wait for Panel 5, when he makes you cry.

Maxwell Collyard, aka “Percival ‘Perk’ Perkins IV”:

Don’t let the suave good looks fool you–Max is a goofy teddy bear of a human being. If I could follow him around with a notepad for the rest of my life, I’d have enough comic gold to retire to Boca by age 30. And somehow, Max manages to pull off some serious cuteness and real poignancy as Perk, “The Rush’s” young barista.

Alec Scott, aka “Daniel”:

Crazy? Wise? A beggar? A prophet? Yeah, Alec could be any of these things. Oh, and so could his character, Daniel, I guess. Around here Alec is best known for climbing everything in sight and enthusiastically hugging people. If I had one third of his energy, I would start training for marathons.

Daisuke Kawachi, aka “Chorus”:

Another one for the “too cute to be real” category. He’s talented, too–Daisuke has some of the funniest characters in the show (watch out for “Darren” and his above hipster especially), and his vibrato makes me want to weep, in the good way. In a past life, I’m pretty sure he was a squirrel. And I mean that with so much love.

Cari Jones, aka “Chorus”:

Cari is a ray of sunshine in human form. She also designed the “Grind” comics and performs the funniest slam poem we’ve ever heard. Oh, and she can beat-box like no one else, make up her own harmonies to songs, and play a mean piano. Swing-dance with her some time; you won’t regret it.

Laura Stratford, aka “Chorus,” writer-in-chief, and sometimes-melodian/musician:

You’ve gotten enough of me in this blog.

Alex Higgin-Houser, aka “Herr Direktor,” writer, producer, graphic designer, etc. :

My brain-twin and our secret mastermind. Alex reveals a new skill every day, and it would be irritating if he weren’t so gosh-darn fun to be around (and so danged smart). He also infects everyone around him with his mannerisms and speech memes, so converse with him at your own risk.

Jenny Fink, aka “Stage Manager Goddess”:

We would not survive this summer or this show without Jenny. She is the glue that holds us together, the surrogate mom who keeps us fed, the authoritarian when we need to focus or clean or make it to places, the giver of awesome hugs, and the brains behind our press release, transportation efforts, and housing. She’s also a ninja. Just look at that picture.

Francesca Chubb-Confer, aka “Shadow-Puppetry Expert,” “Official Biggest Fan,” and “Bestower of Office Supplies”:

Francesca is like the Mafia–secretly influencing everything. She was indispensable during our shadow puppetry workshops, and she provides us a fresh set of ears and eyes, not to mention the magical powers of printing, faxing, and office supplies. If you catch a Hindi-film melody wafting on the breeze, that’s Francesca subtly taking control of you.

Phew. So that’s us. Now what about you? We’d actually love to know.


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