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We’ve Got A Voice!

// March 3rd, 2011 // No Comments » // Blog, Uncategorized

Welcome, parents, alums, and other readers of the Carleton Voice! We’re pleased as punch to be in the Voice–that is, as pleased as punch could be if it had feelings.

In case you want to wander around the site and hear some samples of music, there are categories on each blog post under the title. You can check out “Music,” “Audio,” “Video,” and anything else that strikes your fancy. And if you’d like to get in touch with myself, Alex, or David, please feel free to send us an email!

Much love from a fellow Carl,


We’re so profesh!

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Hey y’all,

Thanks Laura for such amazing writing this whole time, keeping up on everything.  It has been such a pleasure to be a part of this whole ridiculous process, and I consider myself extremely lucky to have spent this summer working on such an awesome project with so many amazingly talented and beautiful, good-hearted people.

With that sentimental drivel out of the way (j/k :), check this out!  In Indy we got in a recording studio ( for more info) and recorded two tracks! Here they are, free for you to download and enjoy!  Consider these a taste of what will one day be Grind: the Original Cast Album!

Pick Me Up

Keep The Change



Updating the website

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Hey folks!  If things look wonky, they’ll be fixed soon.  We’re putting in a new design 🙂


Just in Time For Our Last Show

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We’re mentioned in MinnPost!

Highlights from the Fringe

What’s The Buzz, Indianapolis?

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Perhaps it’s us!

That is, we’re featured in the Naptown Buzz today:

Naptown Buzz: “Grind: The Musical” at IndyFringe

But don’t worry, Minneapolis–we’re still here and still committed to you! In fact, it’s about time you prove your commitment. Who works on Fridays anyway? Skip out early, have an afternoon beer, and come to our 4PM show at the Rarig Xperimental!


Fringe-For-All 1

// July 15th, 2010 // No Comments » // Blog, Uncategorized, Video

The Fringe-For-All was a really good time–we saw snippets of 29 diverse and exciting shows, got free M&Ms and candy (not to mention marketing ideas), took lots of show postcards, and oh yeah, performed a number from our own little musical:

Coffee for Two

We even talked to a Star Trib reporter about the experience of being in a “You have three minutes to perform and then you will be clapped off the stage” situation. (If you listen closely to the video you can hear me say “Make out!” under my breath because I’m so worried we won’t make it to the kiss.)

Here’s the really exciting thing: we got our first review based on our showcase! Matthew Everett goes Fringe-tastic every year and reviews pretty much everything. Jenny and I met him briefly on Monday, and we’re thrilled to read that he’s intrigued about “Grind.” You can read his review here:

Fringe-For-All 1: Love Among the Coffee Grounds

Thanks, Matthew!

Curiosity piqued? Then come see us perform TONIGHT at Lyric at Carleton Place, 765 Hampden Ave. S, St. Paul at 7:30PM. More info at

Hope to see you soon!



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